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E2 Systems – The Company

E2 Systems specialize in the production of spindles, both with or without hydraulic or pneumatic self-feed, which are used for automatic drilling, tapping, milling, grinding and flowdrilling processes. The business is based on extensive experience and cutting-edge expertise of hydraulic and pneumatic technologies. The products have a  compact design and consequently offer high performance and optimal usage of space. E2’s products operate in practically all countries across the globe through distribution by E2´s representatives or delivery as vital components of other manufacturers´ equipment. A large range of the E2 products is used in the automotive industry, but they can also be found in other manufacturing industries as well as the wood working industry. Examples of customers are: Electrolux, General Motors, Getinge, Honda, Rolls Royce, SKF, IKEA suppliers and Volvo. E2 is conveniently located in Borås, Sweden only 20 minutes away from the international Göteborg Landvetter Airport. As the products have a compact design, air freight is the most common means of transport for delivery. Customers in Europe and the US can normally be reached within 24 hours. Consequently virtually all users of E2 products benefit from short delivery times thanks to the efficiency of the E2 production and speedy transport. E2, together with the parent company Tubex AB, is certified according to ISO 9001:2008 as well as ISO 14001:2004. Product quality, environmental protection as well as health and safety issues are a priority for E2!

E2 Systems A Division of Tubex AB
Letter address:
Box 100 57,
SE-507 10  Borås

Visiting adress:
Strömslundsgatan 3,
SE-507 62  Borås

Phone +46-(0)33 20 88 40,
Fax +46-(0)33 20 88 49
E-mail e2(a)
V.A.T. no: SE5563 9684 1001

E2 Systems