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Information on E2’s range of multi-spindle heads, and specifications of feasible head and unit combinations for drilling and tapping. Other combinations are possible for special applications like countersinking, reaming, etc, as well as heads with fixed spindles in patterns according to customer specification. Please contact E2 for further information.


E2’s units are designed for automation and are simple to connect. The installation example shows connections and the peripheral equipment required by the units. When installing several pneumatically-operated units, we recommend that each unit have an individual sensor and individual main valves. The wiring circuit show which valves/sensors are integrated into the units



All E2 units are delivered ready for tools. E2 has selected a cost-effective tool holding solution for each unit, but if the application requires other holding tools, E2 offers a wide range of options.

E2 units can be supplied with collet chuck with coolant flange for flowdrill applications. Flowdrill is a common process when drill or tap in thin walls. E2 units is preferred to use in flowdrill process. Please find more information regarding flowdrill process at