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Milling units

E2 milling spindles and grinding units save space and is constructed for automation industry. The milling unit’s suit wherever an automatic flow is needed.

E2s pneumatic milling units are compact, robust and without feed, developed to meet customer’s high and accurate performance. The units are also constructed to be easy to use and to have a long life-span with high precision.

BE 22 SKM and BE 33 SKM consist of an air motor, a gear box, a robust body with directed exhaust and a tool holder. BE 22 SKM and BE 33 SKM comes in a wide range of speeds, and available for lubrication-free operation. E2systems milling units are constructed according to E2s philosophy, which is based on the device “easy to adapt to systems”.  On these pages there is technical information, dimensions, CAD-files and all necessary details needed for adapt a pneumatic milling unit in to an automation system.

Pneumatic Milling Units