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Tapping units

E2 tapping units specialized to fit productions lines worldwide. Pneumatic lead screws or electro tapping spindles excellent for long time production with high precision.

E2 tapping units range from the most compact pneumatic units on the market to powerful electrically-operated units. Our lead screw units ensure a perfect tapping process with no risk of damaging the tap.These characteristics also apply to units equipped with multi-spindle heads.

Each tapping unit’s details includes all the necessary information for selecting a suitable model based on the requirements set by your tapping application and the cutting data specified by your tap supplier. In addition to performance specifications, you will also find information on dimensions, necessary components and accessories. To provide a quick summary, there are also guidelines for the capacities of the various models, based on conventional thread taps in the most common materials. For fluteless taps, as a rule of thumb, 50-100% greater torque and speed is required.